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Vertically Retractable Outdoor ZIP Screens for large openings!

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Sun Protection

Rain Protection

Wind Protection

Snow Protection

Insect Protection


Manual Operation

Motorized Operation


The screen fabric is equipped with a special ZIP system application, which enables it to be seamlessly installed on a variety of structures.

The Zip Screen system has a unique track which makes it wind proof for up to 130 km/h, keeps the fabric tension and position of the screen locked inside the guide rails.

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Designed For Outdoor Living

Thinking of improving your outdoor space and increasing comfort of your home? Retractable zip screen is the best choice. It is a high-quality product that will protect your space from unwanted bugs, maintain comfortable climate and ensure privacy.

Zip Screen in Mississauga

Meet our Solar Protection Fabric!

Fabric Information

Retractable zip screen not only adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to a home’s outdoor interior but is a product of high-functionality as well. At Zip Screens, we offer premium quality materials and a variety of styles to meet your preferences and match your home’s outdoor design.

Many people want to extend their home but no other idea has proven to be as easy and effective as getting a retractable zip screen installed. With our zip screens, you can create an additional space in your home and transform the look of its outdoor without having to go through the hassles of renovation – a process that requires a huge amount of money and money.

We take your vision and make it a reality. Our experienced team will be there during every facet of your installation to make sure you are completely happy with the final product. We walk you through the design with 3D models so you can better envision the end result. This allows you to better plan the surrounding area and helps you maintain your desired aesthetic.

Salient Features of Zip Screens

Whether you are renovating your home outdoor patio or business’s space, Zip Screens will meet your preferences. Have a look at some of the salient features of zip screens blinds we manufacture.

Use of Modern Screening Technology

Another standout feature of our zip screens is the use of the advanced screening technology. The use of this technology makes them more efficient. Moreover, they can sustain the routine wear and tear without losing their sheen thanks to this technology. This enables them to last for many years and make for an appealing part of your home’s outdoor space.

A Durable Zip Screen for your Home

A zip screen is not something you will go shopping for every day. It is a purchase that one makes after a thorough consideration. Therefore, you need to consider its durability and strength so that it can last for years to come. As our zip screens are made using the best quality material and advanced technology, you can rest assured that once you have gotten them installed, they will serve you for a long time and provide your outdoor space with a modern and elegant look.

Protection against Rain, Wind, and Snow

Our specialized retractable zip screens are designed in such a way that they can provide solid protection against weather elements such as rain, wind, and snow. This will help your outdoor furniture to stay protected against these elements. Furthermore, if you are fond of rainy weather but like to enjoy it from afar, our retractable zip screens offer the best solution for you. You can enjoy the rainy weather while having your favourite snacks on your outdoor patio covered by zip screens.

Suitable for Commercial Use

The zip screens we manufacture are suitable for home’s outdoor setting but can prove to be equally efficient in commercial settings as well. If you are looking for ideas to improve the outdoor décor of your office, go ahead and get consider installing a zip screen. The unused space around your office premise that is getting wasted can be properly utilized with a zip screen system. Not only it will leave the best impression on your clients or customers but uplift the décor of your office up to a great extent.

High-Quality Fabric

One of the most prominent features that have helped us to become the top choice of homeowners in Canada is the quality of zip screens we manufacture. Highest grade fabric from Dickson is used to ensure a premium quality. This is the reason why our product is more durable and lasts longer in comparison to other manufacturers.
In addition, the use of finest quality fabric provides an appealing look and a perfect finesse. Unlike other zip screens that are made using inferior quality fabric, Zip Screens outdoor retractable screens do not lose its sheen and mettle. Therefore, it makes for a perfect choice for your home.


Want to enjoy the pleasant weather on your home’s patio but are hesitant to do so because of unwanted glares and peeks of neighbors? Get our zip screen blinds installed. They offer enhanced privacy! Once the zip screen system is installed, you will not have to worry about unwanted glares and can just relax on your outdoor terrace or patio.
In addition to that, the fabric used in the manufacturing of this screen is sturdy enough to provide a strong sun protection. It minimizes the effect of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.

Protection against Insects

Where there is greenery, insects are bound to come. They make for one of the biggest causes why people avoid spending time in their lawns or outdoor settings. Often people choose to stay inside because an insect bite can lead to an infection that can take days to be treated.
With our extremely efficient zip screens, you can get rid of this problem and spend as much time as you want in your outdoor settings without worrying about this problem. Our zip screens create a total seal and prevent insects from entering your outdoor living space.