Outdoor Privacy Screen

Outdoor Privacy Screens

The routine people have due to their demanding life has deprived them of a relaxing time in calming, peaceful environments.

It’s advised to take some time out from your daunting routine and spend some time outdoors to enjoy fresh air. If your routine doesn’t allow you to go to parks or gardens, you can create a similar atmosphere in the outdoors of your home.

One of the biggest concerns people face when relaxing in an outdoor space in their home is privacy protection.

Outdoor Privacy Screen for Enhanced Privacy Protection

The best way to avoid facing this issue is to get an outdoor privacy screen installed. With a retractable outdoor privacy screen, you can spend some quality time on the outdoors of your home with no compromise being made to your privacy.

Clients have the option of either motorized or manual screens; both offer a quick solution to creating a private space.

Aluminum Pergola without side screenAluminum Pergola with ZIP Screen

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Outdoor privacy screen ideas include adding them to your balcony, porch, pergola, windows. Any space can be transformed into a private area with the use of an outdoor privacy screen.

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

We offer retractable privacy screen that offers clients a reliable, durable and simple solution to any privacy concerns. Zip Screens is a leading name in Canada trusted for high-quality outdoor screens.

Features of our premium screen include:

  • With a retractable outdoor privacy screen installed, views from inside the area covered with screens will not be blocked, however people standing outside the screen will not be able to see through.
  • Zip Screen uses premium quality fabric from Dickson. Our fabric is thin yet sturdy and resistant to color loss through a high heat resistant sheen. It is solar protective; minimizing the effects of UV rays yet still offers thermal comfort.
  • Our service is custom made from the start. We will work with you to discuss screen locations, colors, and methods of operation. After accurate measurements are done, assembly and installation is completed within 5 business days.
  • Both motorized or manual operations are available for out retractable outdoor privacy screens
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