ZIP Screens in Hamilton

Project Description

Three Zip Screens on Aluminum Pergola


  • Our screens installed on aluminum pergola from 3 sides.
  • Size: 10×8, 12×8 and 10×8.

Helping to Create a Private Area

With the help of outdoor zip screens, you will be able to create a private area on the outdoors of your home that will be protected against heat and unwanted glares. You can relax, unwind, or indulge in another activity there without worrying about heat, rainfall or wind.

Insect Protection

Retractable outdoor ZIP Screens can provide protection against insects as well. For example, this project demonstrate that you don’t need to worry about insect bites as no mosquitoes will be able to enter the closed area when the shades are pulled down. This particular feature can help you and your family to stay protected against infections and other health conditions caused by insects if you are getting outdoor shades installed on doors and windows.

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